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  1. Dec 2015
    1. sensible copyright policies face huge practical barriers, in large part because few are willing to challenge the default assumption of copyright law that every time a copy is made the rightsholder's permission is required. That assumption makes no sense in the digital age, but it's hugely difficult to dislodge

      The efforts of publishers and music companies to prohibit "piracy" today are analogous to trying to prohibit the sharing of books, photocopies, records, and mix-tapes in the pre-Internet era.

      The world is changing fast. Get used to it. Adapt. Quit trying to alter reality with legislation.

    1. The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is a trade deal that was negotiated in secret -- under the constant influence of corporations. Guess who it benefits.

      This page lists ways the TPP harms various individuals, in terms of digital rights. (I'm sure there are other drawbacks, to workers, the economy, and the environment.)