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  1. Dec 2018

      Notes from reviewer

      I choose to review an article from Indonesia and written by Indonesians to show international readers the diversity of science, language, local context as the background of the paper, and the level of science that plays as the basis of the papers. Here I also point out that reviewers should not be influenced by common perspective on the level of science in SE Asia (especially Indonesia) and then use that measurement to assess the paper, rather, the reviewers should understand the benefits of the paper for local problems. Not all papers were written to solve the world's largest problem.

      I will be writing the overview of the comment in English and Indonesian language and write more specific comments in various locations only in Indonesian language.

      General comment

      • This paper is very important to the current situation in Indonesia, which suffering from many and continuous geohazards, hence this paper should be properly exposed in Indonesian media, concerning current tsunami situations.

      • More testing in various local environments should be conducted to improve the tent's design and how to set it up under eg: soft ground after tsunami.

      Specific comments

      • Methods:

        ** the author should include the material selection process in the method, because this is the most important bit in this paper. The fact that this was a multi years project should be pointed out in form of citation to the previous documents.

      • Future development:

        **this article should be developed further by including the variability of local condition to the material selection process.

        ** the authors should also test the material and design with the existing standards for shelters, eg: from UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross).

        ** to give more information, I suggest the authors to upload the previous documents/reports and all suplementary materials to the OSF (since the OSF allows them to upload multiple files in various formats).

        ** it would be interesting as well to test out the tent in the field and share the comments from the authorities (eg BNPB or Basarnas).

      Closing comment

      By publishing this research in Indonesian language, the authors have made their main point to directly contribute to the society instead of only chasing their fame by publishing it in international journal.