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    1. So he stopped his car, pulled out his medium-format camera, and took a few photos using color Fujifilm. Those brilliant greens and pure blues were totally unedited when O’Rear uploaded them to Corbis, a stock photo and image licensing site founded by Bill Gates. A few years later, he got a call from Microsoft asking to use his shot of Sonoma County as the default background for its newest operating system.

      于是他停下车,拿出中画幅相机,用彩色富士胶片拍了几张照片。当O'Rear将这些照片上传到比尔·盖茨创办的图片库和图像授权网站Corbis时,那些明亮的绿色和纯净的蓝色完全没有经过编辑。几年后,他接到微软的电话,要求用他拍摄的索诺玛县(Sonoma County)作为微软最新操作系统的默认背景。