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  1. Feb 2021
    1. 苹果准备最早明年发布它的高端 VR 设备,这款计划中的产品售价将会高达 3000 美元。代号为 N301 的 VR 设备使用了两个 8K 显示屏,采用 M1 芯片的继任者,能展示丰富的 3D 图形。苹果将会使用眼球跟踪技术以较低的保真度渲染非用户注视的目标。苹果正在测试的一个版本使用了 10 多个摄像头,从跟踪手运动到提供周围空间的即时动态,可用于混合和增强现实体验,不限于浸入式的 VR。

    1. And Apple has a wonderful product called Swift Playgrounds. It’s an app for your iPad but it’s really an environment where kids can learn to program. Apple is of course invested in getting as many people to use their technology products as they can, and in fact they promote their Swift programming language with this page on their site, with the headline “Everyone Can Code.”

      而苹果公司有一个很棒的产品叫Swift Playgrounds。这是一个iPad的应用程序,但它实际上是一个孩子们可以学习编程的环境。苹果公司当然会投入资金让尽可能多的人使用他们的科技产品,事实上,他们在自己的网站上用“人人都能编程”的页面来推广Swift的编程语言。

    1. Apple’s goal was not to build a phone but to build an even more personal computer; their strategy was not to add on functionality to a phone but to reduce the phone to an app; and their tactics were not to duplicate the carriers but to leverage their connection with customers to gain concessions from them.