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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Very soon, perhaps in five years, the bounded worlds within virtual reality will begin to be networked together into distributed virtual worlds. When you’re wearing the visor of an augmented- or mixed-reality system such as Magic Leap, HoloLens, or Meta, it maps the local environment. To make, say, a virtual teacup appear on your real table, it needs to know where your table is. The visor uses outward-facing cameras and sensors to scan your environment to create this map. Magic Leap (among others) is working on protocols that save a mapped place in the cloud so it doesn’t have to be remapped for each encounter. Your unit (or perhaps another unit in the same location) merely needs to register and update any changes in the space. This in turn will let you share virtual objects across different surroundings, even if participants are in distant places. Someone in Barcelona can drop a virtual flower into your virtual vase in Chicago. Because artificial reality is inherently social, its environments will be inherently social and networked.

      很快,也许在五年后,虚拟现实里的各个有限世界会连接起来,成为一个分布式的虚拟世界网络。当你戴着诸如 Magic Leap、HoloLens 或 Meta 的增强现实或混合现实系统头盔时,它可以描绘本地的现实环境的地图。也就是说,要让一个虚拟茶杯出现在你的桌子上,它需要知道桌子在哪。头盔利用向外的摄像机以及感应器去扫描周边环境以创造这一地图。Magic Leap (以及其他)正在研发协议,以在云端储存地图,从而不用重新在同样的地点再次创造地图。你的头盔(以及其他出现在同一地点的头盔)只需要登录并更新这个空间的任何改变即可。这可以让你在不同的环境中共享虚拟目标,即使参与者在遥远的地方。在巴塞罗那的人可以为你在芝加哥的虚拟花瓶中放上一束虚拟花朵。由于人工现实本身是社交性的,它的虚拟环境也是社交性和网络性的。

    2. ne of the first things I learned from my recent tour of the synthetic-reality waterfront is that virtual reality is creating the next evolution of the Internet. Today the Internet is a network of information. It contains 60 trillion web pages, remembers 4 zettabytes of data, transmits millions of emails per second, all interconnected by sextillions of transistors. Our lives and work run on this internet of information. But what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences. What you share in VR or MR gear is an experience. What you encounter when you open a magic window in your living room is an experience. What you join in a mixed-reality teleconference is an experience. To a remarkable degree, all these technologically enabled experiences will rapidly intersect and inform one another.


    3. I first put my head into virtual reality in 1989. Before even the web existed, I visited an office in Northern California whose walls were covered with neoprene surfing suits embroidered with wires, large gloves festooned with electronic components, and rows of modified swimming goggles. My host, Jaron Lanier, sporting shoulder-length blond dreadlocks, handed me a black glove and placed a set of homemade goggles secured by a web of straps onto my head. The next moment I was in an entirely different place. It was an airy, cartoony block world, not unlike the Minecraft universe. There was another avatar sharing this small world (the size of a large room) with me—Lanier.

      我第一次把脑袋伸进虚拟现实头盔,是在 1989 年。那时,甚至连互联网都尚未诞生。我拜访了北加利福尼亚的一间办公室,墙上贴满了缝着金属线的氯丁橡胶冲浪套装、装点着电子元件的巨大手套和一排排改装过的游泳镜。办公室的主人,Jaron Lanier,蓄着及肩的金发脏辫儿,递给我一只黑色手套并把一套用条带网子系结起来的自制护目镜戴在了我头上。下一刻,我已身处一个完全不同的地方。那是一个轻盈的、卡通般的砖块世界,与当今 Minecraft 游戏中的世界不无相通之处。另一个虚拟存在者—— Lanier 和我共处在这个一间大屋子那么大的小小世界里。

    1. Mike is able to have some fast iterations by using After Effects and Cinema 4D, but he also advocates translating other ideas from web design such as the design grid. You can still do a lot of paper prototyping of interface ideas, but VR is a medium that has spatial, depth, and lighting considerations and so it’s helpful to see what it actually might look like in VR as well.

      他能够通过使用 After Effects 和 Cinema 4D 进行创作的快速迭代,同时也支持将其他的网页设计的想法运用到自己的设计里来。虽然你可以继续写出很多关于交互设计原型的设计方案,但 VR 原型具有空间性,深度和光线变化,这一点是纸上文字无法表述出来的。