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  1. Feb 2021
    1. “The CSAIL team has taken multi-material printing to the next level by printing not just a combination of different polymers or a mixture of metals, but essentially a self-contained working hydraulic system,” Hod Lipson, Columbia University engineering professor and co-author of Fabricated: The New World of 3-D Printing, told CSAIL. “It’s an important step towards the next big phase of 3D printing — moving from printing passive parts to printing active integrated systems.”

      「 CSAIL 团队将多材料打印引入了下一个水平,不仅是打印不同的聚合物或金属混合材料,而且在根本上还是一套能独立运转的液压系统。」哥伦比亚大学工程学教授Hod Lipson 说,「这是进入 3D 打印下一重大阶段的重要一步——从打印被动分散的部件变成打印主动整合协调的系统。」Hod Lipson还是《Fabricated: The New World of 3-D Printing》的作者之一。

    2. “Our approach, which we call ‘printable hydraulics,’ is a step toward the rapid fabrication of functional machines,” Daniela Rus, one of the research paper’s co-authors, told CSAIL. “All you have to do is stick in a battery and motor, and you have a robot that can practically walk right out of the printer.”

      「我们把我们的方式叫做『可打印的液压装置』,在快速制造功能机器方面又迈进了一部。」这篇论文的作者之一Daniela Rus 告诉 CSAIL ,「而你要做的只是插入电池和发动机,你就拥有了一台差不多能正常行走的打印机器人。」