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  1. Jan 2021
    1. PTT

      AQ:6 Please provide an expansion for PTT.

      PTT: partial thromboplastin time

    2. safety

      AQ3: As per style, citations are not allowed in the abstract. Hence the superscript citation “1” has been deleted from the abstract. Please check and confirm.

      ML: Maybe we could do this?

      “…AKI and KRT in adults, from the Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN) (Clark et al,, doi:10.1177/2054 358120941679).

      Clark EG, Hiremath S, Soroka SD, Wald R, Weir MA. CSN COVID-19 rapid review program: management of acute kidney injury. Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2020;7:doi:10.1177/2054 358120941679.

    3. DiseaseIntroduction

      AQ:1 Please check whether the hierarchy of the section head levels is correct throughout the article.

      ML: Seems like the font for the “big” section such as the intro should be bigger than the subsections.

    4. Klisnick

      The citation “Darmon et al.” has been changed to “Klisnick et al” as per reference list. Please check and confirm.

      ML: Klisnick is not the correct reference

    5. 1X8

      ML: Mine is ok



  2. Oct 2019
    1. 7-Eleven moves to support animal welfare By Nick Hall | 17 Feb 2019 View comments Global convenience chain, 7-Eleven has made major changes to its supplier sourcing agreement, eliminating caged eggs for the first time. The move follows ongoing criticism of the Australian cage egg farming industry, with several brands and chains making the early decision to move to wholly sustainable sourcing in-line with welfare standards. Working closely with suppliers across all states, 7-Eleven has now ensured that only free range eggs would be available for order by all stores. Clayton Ford, General Manager Corporate Affairs, 7-Eleven said the decision to phase out cage eggs was developed in accordance with franchisee wishes, with the convenience giant announcing it will increase support to assist in the transition. “Whilst our franchisees are free to engage with alternative suppliers due to our franchise agreement, we will continue to work alongside them to encourage their involvement in this initiative by sourcing free range eggs via our centralised supply chain,” Ford said. “We recognise that this is just one step, and we will continue to review animal welfare commitments in our supply chain and 7-Eleven branded products as opportunities arise.” Want to launch a convenience store of your own? Take a look at all available franchising opportunities here.
  3. May 2015
    1. —both in the future as a better world and as one in which the United States bestrides the globe as a colossus. 2

      On the public version of this PDF at Project Muse (password protected), I've created an annotation at this point in the text. But it does not appear in this local version of the PDF.


      This is my demo PDF for local annotation with hypothes.is. See my sample annotation on the first paragraph of the essay. Add your own test annotations and replies.