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  1. Dec 2021

      Illustration by MIKKI LEE

      The Good-Morrow is an aubade, which is a dawn love song. It's the wholesome moment in the morning that this song is sung. How about reading as if the speaker has just woken up from the bed and is whispering directly to the lover's ears with a subtle and gentle physical touch.


      The Good-Morrow is an aubade, a love poem sung at dawn that greets the morning by recalling the pleasant night spent with the lover and the togetherness they shared while also lamenting as they realize that they should soon be parted.

      In The Good-Morrow the greeting aspect of aubade is particularly emphasized, celebrating the astonishing power of love that transcended them from individuals who dwelled on the unsophisticated pleasure to wholesome, perfectly balanced souls that are awakened in a new world.

      To read other examples of John Donne's aubade, see The Sunrising.

      Source: https://poets.org/glossary/aubade