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  1. Jun 2022
  2. Dec 2021
    1. John Donne

      John Donne is known to be a "coterie poet" who wrote poems for small groups of people of his acquaintance. The strategy of reading the poem might vary according to the audience. The tone and voice used to read it to Anne More(Donne's beloved wife) would differ from how it was read in front of his friends and patrons.

      Possible Tones

      • Exuberant
      • Introspective
      • Philosophical

      Illustration by MIKKI LEE

      The Good-Morrow is an aubade, which is a dawn love song. It's the wholesome moment in the morning that this song is sung. How about reading as if the speaker has just woken up from the bed and is whispering directly to the lover's ears with a subtle and gentle physical touch.

  3. Feb 2019
    1. of nature, in un

      Big posthuman vibes through here -- a direct link is made to animal and human communication, noting the ways in which they're similar

    2. he other hand, are not confined to their province, but often supply the place of words, as marks of ideas. Ami tho' the ease and distinctness with which our ideas are marked by articulate sounds, has ma

      Words and tones must work simultaneously. The use of words enhance tones, and using tones enhances words.