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  1. Mar 2022
    1. I’ve established the habit of asking myself: Is this information or oppor-tunity to communicate worth my attention at all, given my goal for today? Is it something I want to look at later, but not right now while I am focus-ing on a task toward a larger goal (in which case, maybe I’ll open a tab on my browser)? Is it information that I don’t want to distract myself with at the moment and don’t want to burden my near-term reading agenda, but might want to refer to later, because it is about a subject that interests me (in which case I’ll tag and bookmark)? Like basic mindfulness, paying attention to microdecisions—and learning to make them more and more quickly—is easy enough to start, and yields increasing power to diligent, regular practitioners. It’s an exercise in strategic goals (What am I setting out to do?), attention (What am I about to click on?), and intention (I’m going to ignore this, or open a tab or bookmark, because I intend to return to focus) that deepens the more you do it.

      Beispiel für eine Gewohnheit und für konkrete Fragen, die man sich während seiner online/onlife Zeit stellen kann