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  1. Oct 2020
    1. It is true that it is society that defines, in terms of its own interests

      Utility argument. Rational utility.



  2. Apr 2018
    1. The origination of governments from a contract is a pure fiction, or in other words, a falsehood. It never has been known to be true in any instance; the allegation of it does mischief, by involving the subject in error and confusion, and is neither necessary nor useful to any good purpose.

      As with the other documents and writers, it is interesting to consider whether or not history has validated or contradicted the assertions of the author. Useful to remind students of the notion of "common law"

    2. terrorist

      What does Bentham's continued use of this term suggest about his politics and his place in society. Are there analogous terms & usages today and do they reveal the same perspectives now as during Bentham's time?

    3. We know what it is for men to live without government

      Bentham's view of "state of nature" aligns nicely with Hobbes. It would be useful to remind students of the way in which the vision of "State of Nature" leads to conclusions regarding what Social Contract should be. I would ask students who Madison might agree with, or at least who he seems to have taken into consideration. ( "If men were perfect . . .")