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  1. Dec 2021
    1. Writing all this down, you know what? I'm kind of mad about it too. Not so mad that I'll go chasing obviously-ill-fated scurrilous rainbow financial instruments. But there's something here that needs solving. If I'm not solving it, or part of it, or at least trying, then I'm... wasting my time. Who cares about money? This is a systemic train wreck, well underway. We have, in Western society, managed to simultaneously botch the dreams of democracy, capitalism, social coherence, and techno-utopianism, all at once. It's embarrassing actually. I am embarrassed. You should be embarrassed.

      I love you so much Avery Pennarun. It's so cathartic to hear such plain & simple truth telling. Your blog post is full of so many wonderful plainly said things. This is such a non-controversial, clear statement of so much of the tension & conflict we're in, so well reduced.

  2. Jul 2019
    1. Палаты памяти с динамически увеличивающимися дворцами. Номера комнат (?) запоминаются через Анки. Не очень подробное руководство. Может быть полезно.