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  1. Sep 2016
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    1. data definitions.

      what is this?

    2. Taking notes helpsfix information in your long-term memory, keeps you active, and allows you to preserve insightsthat you gain during the course of a lecture

      The same way we preserve insights on hypothesis

    3. techniques

      fixed ways of doing things

    1. An application of a user-defined function substitutes some values forthe corresponding parameters in the definition’s expression

      The application of a function will substitute some values in the place of the corresponding parameters in the function's definition (body) expression.

    2. there is at most one choice of substitution;

      Using our current rule-set, there can only be one or no choices for substitution

    3. the computed final result is the same as for other choices.

      if you were to do this a different way you would get the same result?

    4. Integers in Racket are unbounded.

      infinitely precise

    5. (6−4)(3 + 2)becomes (∗(−6 4) (+3 2))

      Say that I add open and close brackets around this expression.

      Dr Racket will see this and see that we have one argument (which is also an application) and no defined function... So it will yell @ you

    6. uniformly for functions and operators.

      uniformly meaning constant/consistent results

      so constant and consistent results for the mixing of functions and operators