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  1. Oct 2015
    1. To this end,theUniversity has asolemnresponsibilitynotonlyto promotealively andfearlessfreedomof debate anddeliberation,butalsoto protectthatfreedomwhenothersattempttorestrictit.

      More language that I would like to adopt.

    2. n a word,the University’s fundamental commitmentistotheprinciplethatdebateordeliberationmay not besuppressedbecause the ideasputfortharethoughtby some or even by most members of the University communityto beoffensive,unwise,immoral,orwrong-headed.ItisfortheindividualmembersoftheUniversity community, notforthe University as an institution,tomake those judgmentsforthemselves,and to act on those judgments not by seeking to suppress speech,but byopenly and vigorously contestingtheideas that theyoppose. Indeed, fostering the ability of members of the University community to engage in such debate and deliberation in an effective and responsiblemanner is an essential part of the University’s educational mission.

      I think this should be part of any Code of Conduct for conferences.