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  1. Feb 2019
    1. seven values and principles at the core

      OCSDNet identifies 7 values and principles at the core of more inclusive open science.

    2. the need for diverse understandings of knowledge making

      Reminds me of the call Juell Towns made at #OpenConCascadia19 made that full inclusion requires not just attention to physical appearances and cultural backgrounds, but also to different ways of knowing.

    3. knowledge commons

      I'm concerned that this seems like a call for a technical solution to create a commons. In my experience, such technical solutions often perpetuate or generate new inequalities. I'm thinking instead of what human practices might need to be in place to make existing knowledge systems into more of a commons, inspired in part by Leslie Chan's #OpenConCascadia19 keynote.

    4. Open Science Manifesto

      Referenced during #OpenConCascadia19 in discussion about diversity, equity, inclusion and access.