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  1. Sep 2015
    1. (i.e. 140-character updates and pictures)

      Or should we adopt this format of writing--and it is writing--as a form of literate expression?

    2. Discuss the pros and cons in using images or video to tell a story versus text--what is better expressed in each form and what are the drawbacks?

      Because of course students writing online will have to make these decisions as well, deploying images strategically in their own web compositions.

    3. we can teach how to decode digital media

      I think the NYTimes Learning Network's "What's Going on in this Picture" feature does a great job of getting kids to start thinking about images specifically.

    4. We must be digitally literate, too.

      So many definitions for this phrase at this point. What does it mean?

      • The ability to navigate online platforms?
      • The sense to do so responsibly?
      • Online research skills?
      • Image and video analysis skills?
      • Coding fluency?
      • All of the above?

      Anyone have a good definition or able to point to one?