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  1. Apr 2016
    1. The universally portrayed character of Cinderella has been explored throughout the years within a wide variety of cul-tures. However, two recent novels with the basic thread of the Cinderella theme will bring out a thought-provoking, if not pro-vocative, opportunity for discussion for good readers.

      I think using such a famous character will have more readers explore and be able to compare and contrast. This will make more discussions between readers and hopefully make others more interested in becoming a better reader.

    2. Contrasting, comparing, and making text-to-text connections with various versions

      I agree that contrasting, and comparing different versions of a text will give a better glimpse of the characters, theme, and meaning of the story.

    3. Rumpelstiltskin, a fairy tale told in many different countries,

      It is interesting to me that there is a popular fantasy novel that is found all over the world. I think this keeps us connected in literature.

    4. will help acquaint children to the original narration more easily before moving to Napoli’s novel.

      I agree that this will allow students to get almost of a "mini lesson" before moving on to actual novel.

    5. An evaluation of the novel and its author’s development of theme and characters, as well as conflict and resolution, might be included

      Evaluating the novel will help students focus on the meaning, theme and events in the story in a more detailed manner.

    6. Comparison with earlier read picture book versions. What do illustrations add to the original story?

      I like the idea of using picture book versions to help students get a better and more engaging understanding of what fantasy is about and be able to use illustrations to refer back to.

    7. Choosing a picture book or illustrated conventional retelling also will reintroduce children to the basic story outline, charac-ters, and overall theme

      I think that this will help students grasp the basic story outline better, and be able to appreciate the genre in a more clear way.

    8. Children at this stage of development enjoy these stories for their magical elements, sense of justice, tri-umphs of good over evil, easily defined characters and plot, and clear-cut themes relatable to their own experiences.

      I agree with this because at this age, fantasies were my favorite types of stories. I enjoyed getting to use my imagination at this age and use my own experiences to relate to the stories. I have noticed during fieldwork that my second graders would get very engaged when reading fantasy stories.