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  1. Oct 2021
    1. To use this, create the following bookmarklet in your browser:

      ** For roam-ref

    2. To enable Org-roam’s protocol extensions, simply add the following to your init file:
    3. To test that you have the handler setup and registered properly from the command line you can run:
    4. To create encrypted files, simply add the .gpg extension in your Org-roam capture templates. For example:
    5. It is common to use take reference notes for academic papers. To designate the node to be the canonical node for the academic paper, we can use its unique citation key:

      Useful tool for linking a bunch of disparate notes on a single paper.

    6. For users that prefer using a side-window for the org-roam buffer, the following example configuration should provide a good starting point:
    7. To assign an alias to a node, add the “ROAM_ALIASES” property to the node: