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  1. Oct 2021
    1. Extension developers may be interested in retrieving the citations within their notes. This information can be found within the citation table of the Org-roam database.
    2. It is common to use take reference notes for academic papers. To designate the node to be the canonical node for the academic paper, we can use its unique citation key:

      Useful tool for linking a bunch of disparate notes on a single paper.

    3. Org-roam attempts to load both the org-ref and org-cite package when indexing files, so no further setup from the user is required for citation support.
    4. You may assign multiple refs to a single node, for example when you want multiple papers in a series to share the same note, or an article has a citation key and a URL at the same time.
    5. org-roam-alias-remove
    6. To assign an alias to a node, add the “ROAM_ALIASES” property to the node:
    7. Nodes can also have multiple aliases. Aliases allow searching for nodes via an alternative name.
  2. Feb 2021
    1. Not all nodes are mining however. Most of the nodes on the Bitcoin network simply verify data

      Verification role nodes

    2. The computers connected to the blockchain network are known as nodes. Some nodes donate their processing power to solve a math problem associated with a new block. The Bitcoin community calls these people "miners,

      Nodes and Miners defination

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    1. challenging for those using SNA.

      It is the blessing and the curse of SNA--it can do so much but it can also do too much. The analyst has to be clear in their question, defining what is a node and what is a link. It can get even trickier since nodes and links can also be reversed. Sometimes a node can be a link and a link can also be a node!

    2. networks the individual is a part of may have impacted that action.

      The focus of analysis is on the space between the individuals, i.e. the air, rather than on the character or traits of the individual. The traits and character can be used to understand what is going on in the relationship but SNA measures the links not the nodes.

    1. it shows the six degrees of separation.

      What SNA will help with is not only creating visuals of networks but providing metrics to be able to understand the different roles and positions each nodes plays in the network as well as comparing different network structures.