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  1. Mar 2023
    1. In fact the idea of creating a phonetic alphabet that could be used by every language was first put forward by Jespersen in a letter he sent to Paul Passy.[4]
  2. Jul 2015
    1. ne basic underlying assumption in Interaction Analysis is that knowl- edge and action are fundamentally social in origin, organization, and use, and are situated in particular social and material ecologies.

      Assumption 1

    2. No method is without theoretical assumptions

      Need to make these explicit

    3. This domain, of course, is one that concerns a great many theoretical and practical persuasions, for example, symbolic interactionism, phenomenology, social psychology, and a variety of schools of therapy

      Other varieties of theory

    4. Video technology

      I'll extend this to online

    5. Interaction Analysis as we describe it here is an interdisciplinary method for the empirical investigation of the interaction of human beings with each other and with objects in their environment

      Definition of IA