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  1. Sep 2023
  2. Oct 2022
  3. Sep 2020
    1. Vocabulary Encoding Schemes: DCMIType, DDC, IMT, LCC, LCSH, MESH, NLM, TGN, UDC
    2. Syntax Encoding Schemes: Box, ISO3166, ISO639-2, ISO639-3, Period, Point, RFC1766, RFC3066, RFC4646, RFC5646, URI, W3CDTF

      estandar o esquema de codificación de sintaxis

    3. Properties in the /elements/1.1/ namespace: contributor, coverage, creator, date, description, format, identifier, language, publisher, relation, rights, source, subject, title, type

      15 elemetos Dublin Core

    4. DCMI Type Vocabulary: Collection, Dataset, Event, Image, InteractiveResource, MovingImage, PhysicalObject, Service, Software, Sound, StillImage, Text
    1. content of the item, some to the item as intellectual property, still others to the particular instantiation

      tipos de elementos