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  1. Sep 2015
    1. I consider this is an extreme

      I consider this to be too extreme

    2. is does not

      is does not --> it does not

    3. post syntactically

      postsyntactically or mit Bindestrich

    1. Larson as-sumes that the littlevcontributes a causative semantics

      A minor point: The idea of causative light verbs was not used by Larson 1988. (I think it started in Hale & Keyser 1993.) Larson also didn't use the term 'little v' (I am not sure, but I think that term was introduced in Chomsky's black book).

    2. of the featuredouble slash

      Double slash is introduced more thoroughly around p.305. I would consider introducing it more thoroughly on p.284, or at least putting a comment that you are going to discuss it more fully on p. 305.

    3. as well as those who assume that the noun formsthe head of the phrase

      --> while others assume that the noun is the head of the phrase. Ich würde auch Bruening hier zitieren, da du ihn schon in der Bibliographie hast. Ich würde hier auch den Begriff "DP" bzw. "DP hypothesis" einführen, da der Begriff "DP" später auftaucht.

    4. mention


    5. theory, which

      The comma makes this have a non-restrictiveinterpretation (it is billed both as a theory and as being able to explain all languages). The expression "can explain all languages" might be better as 'is applicable to all languages'.