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  1. May 2019
    1. 5 μl of 0.1% TFA was applied to the spots on the SEND array and removed after 30 sec using Whatman paper (care was taken not to touch the spot surface). b. 5 μl of cell lysate sample was spotted on the SEND array and incubated in a humid chamber for 10 min. Removed after 30 min. c. 5 μl of 0.1% TFA was then added and removed after 30 sec. d. 2 μl of 25% ACN in 0.1% TFA was added to the spots and allowed to dry. e. The chip was then placed in the SELDI machine
    2. Activation of SEND arrays for peptide analysis
    3. DNA fragments to be used for ligation were eluted from the agarose gel, after the electrophoresis. The gel piece containing the desired band of DNA was sliced out and the DNA was purified from the gel using the purification kits available for this purpose. The efficiency of elution was determined by checking a small aliquot of DNA sample on the gel
    4. Purification of DNA fragments by elution from the gel