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  1. Jan 2018
    1. In those early days, whatever he might say to her, she would answer admiringly: "You know, you will never be like other people!"óshe would gaze at his long, slightly bald head, of which people who know only of his successes used to think: "He's not regularly good-looking, if you like, but he is smart; that tuft, that eyeglass, that smile!" and, with more curiosity perhaps to know him as he really was than desire to become his mistress,

      This is the first time we get Odette's opinion of Swann and it has some similarities to his original impression of her. Neither one is actually attracted to the other but they talk themselves into it. This makes the whole relationship seem more artificial and forced. "Odette's face appeared thinner and more prominent than it actually was, because her forehead and the upper part of her cheeks, a single and almost plane surface, were covered by the masses of hair" (182).

  2. Nov 2016
    1. Il y a deux semaines, c’était l’anniversaire de mon meilleur ami. Elle étudie à Davidson. Deux semaines avant son anniversaire, elle m’a demandé de visiter pour son anniversaire, mais j’ai dit que je ne pouvais pas. Pendant les deux semaines, j’ai parlé avec mon autre ami à Davidson et je lui ai surprise. Elle était très heureuse et surprise! Mon ami et moi, nous avons planifié la surprise très bien. C’était un très bon weekend.