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  1. Nov 2019
    1. Get Access to Production

      does this process differ from the same section on the Get started page?

    2. Start developing. See Sandbox, Technical and Tutorials sections

      Remove step, not specific.

    3. Get access token, see Authorization

      This is confusing. This topic doesn't describe how to get an access token.

      This step should point to the tutorial that describes how to access the sandbox.

    1. ee OAuth.

      why are we linking here? This is a standalone procedure?

    2. Authentication.

      why are we redirecting here?

    3. Tutorial Batch

      No batch page

    4. Request an Access Token for Payment Registration

      We should describe conceptual information that relates to this step, in this step.

    5. see Authorization.

      Why are we directing here at?

    6. see Overview.

      we must point directly to info. This should be reworded into a new important info section on access to production.

    7. You do not need to complete on-boarding to access the sandbox.

      This line isn't needed. We only need to explain that you must go through this process for production only.

    8. Tutorials Single Payments

      I want us to step through this procedure.