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  1. Jan 2018
    1. mix of Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian peoples without clear ethnic distinctions in rank or gender.

      Stéréotype physique aryen et mysogyne démenti par l'archéologie.

    2. Written accounts surviving from Britain and Ireland seek to prevent people from joining the Vikings or condemn them. And they show Viking war bands were not ethnically exclusive.

      Les Vikings n'étaient pas exclusifs concernant l'ethnie: ils acceptaient des étrangers dans leurs bandes de pillards.

    1. Historical records show that the average Viking male was about 1.70 metres tall (5’7″), which was not exceptionally large for that time. Blond hair may have been considered the ideal but many lacked a golden look, so they bleached their hair with lye.

      Stéréotype aryen démenti par l'archéologie.

    2. Great intermingling of ethnicity led to a variety of physical appearances and colourings, and trading posts extended as far as the Middle East, further adding to the DNA pool. Essentially, they were enthusiastic globalists and had little time for the pettiness of nationalism.

      Les Vikings ne correspondent pas à une "race" biologique et présentaient une grande diversité ethnique, notamment du fait de leurs nombreux voyages.