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  1. Sep 2015
    1. teem

      Plentitude so important in the beginning but later (in the scripture/in history) so many moments of scarcity.

    2. subdue it.

      Does this include the "wild" animals mentioned above?

    3. “Let us make mankind in our image,

      The way this is phrase it seems like "mankind" has been thought of/even discussed before. There's an assumed understanding that man was going to be created; "he" needs no introduction.

    4. the livestock,

      Curious about this word in the original. Seems like the concept of "livestock" is dependent on the existence of "man."

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    5. good,

      What does "good" even mean here? Morally "good"? Architecturally "sound"?

    6. God called the light “day,”

      I've always loved that the act of naming, of linking words to things, was so important in the Old Testament.

    7. God saw that the light was good,

      Makes God sound like a real artist, experimenting with color, etc.