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  1. May 2021
  2. Mar 2021
    1. The possibility of pharmacological intervention thus expands the subjective autonomy of people to act in their own best interests or to their own detriment. This in turn is accompanied by a new form of self-reflection, which encompasses both structural images of the brain and the ability to imagine the neuro-chemical activity that goes on there. What is alarming is that many of the neuroscientific findings that have triggered a transformation in our perception of ourselves are linked with commercial interests.

      The same can be said about reinforcement learning algorithms. Just replace "pharmacological intervention" with "algorithmic mediation of social interactions".

    2. Just as shift workers are sometimes given stimulants, so the point here was to adapt the innate neurobiological capacity of humans as a productive force to the technologies and rhythms of globalisation.

      More sinister vibes of the machinery of capital.

    3. Among the best-selling neuro-psychotropic drugs are those that modulate the way people experience emotions and those that improve their capacity to pay attention and to concentrate, in most cases regardless of whether there is a clinically definable impairment of these functions.

      Artificially enhancing focus because everything around us is now designed to maximum distraction.

    4. Depression, anxiety or attention deficit disorders are now regarded by researchers and clinical practitioners alike as products of neuro-chemical dysregulation in interconnected systems of neurotransmitters. They are therefore treated with substances that intervene either directly or indirectly in the regulation of neurotransmitters.

      Our tools and the systems that surround us have a direct effect on our brain structure but psychopharmacology places the burden of fixing systemic issues on the individual by medicating those that do not fit the systemic mold. The drugs are basically the system subduing any individual that might bring out the contradictions in the "machine" and so the simplest approach is to "subdue" them with drugs.

      This all seems pretty sinister and inhumane to me.