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    1. Managing and maintaining the privacy and security of your digital identity through behaviors and digital tool settings

      Staying safe online is the most important aspect of learning internet usage. Knowing the repercussions of online sharing and how if it gets into the wrong hands can turn very dangeruos, very fast can help us to stay safe and continue to present ourselves in a safe environment.

  3. Feb 2017
    1. Cicero il; hardly to be reckoned among the num· ber; for he delighted so much more in the prac-tice, than in the theory, of his art, that he is per-petually drawn off from the rigid philosophical analysis of iL,; principles, into discursive decla• mations, always eloquent indeed, and often highly interesting, but adverse to regularity of system, c,4.,~ and frequently as unsatisfactory to the practical .5-"~'"~ student as to the Philosopher.

      Didn't he establish that the issue for rhetoric "is to determine what people will take to be true or persuasive?" (1001) And that it sometimes doesn't follow logic?

      This, apparently lacking, regularity of Cicero's sounds a lot like the sometimes that Whately throws in.

    2. Sometimes persuasion accords with logic, sometimes not.


      Because, as Whately will note in this paragraph, character, audience, judgement, emotion, naturalness, and other things, will all play a part as well. Sometimes