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  1. Nov 2019
    1. Problems/Questions: These tools often have different names, but the general idea is that they are basically online test questions. Sometimes these can be placed in the flow of content to add some interaction, or other times these are in a separate area as a standard “test.” These can also be used as informal or ungraded polls to gauge learner interest or feedback.

      The strategy I selected from the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository is creating a syllabus quiz . My discipline is education and I teach pre-service teachers. I want to use my syllabus quiz as a model for a course contract or a generalized Individual Educational Plan (IEP). The questions would test the knowledge of the course objectives, assessment methods, and communication expectations. Language used would be plain and appropriate for the audience as it would be in a K-12 environment. Ending the syllabus quiz would be an acknowledgement taking the quiz with the ability to refer to it throughout the semester by both the teacher and students.