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  1. Aug 2022
  2. Oct 2021
    1. DebateGraph is designed as a tool for visualizing

      ... the complex relationships between Ideas that arise during debates.

  3. Aug 2021
    1. PleadingCherub
      • Testing how extensive can these annotations be.

      • try annotating Flickr too

      • there are at least 2 ways to link to images at Flickr, as is evident in the following:



    1. DebateGraph is designed as a tool for visualizing various aspects of complex Issues, specifically in Debates.

      The preceding DebateGraph text was hi-lited in the originating site. Initial subsequent annotations include:

      The following Notes are part of the initial considerations that may be evaluated.

      Hypothesis as a way of annotating DebateGraph

      • Images can be inserted.

      Links can be incorporated.


      • link to a flickr image like Thinker, trying different sizes
      • Evaluate the use of gglDocs links

      Searches can nest Tags

      • Consider the practical limits of Notes like this one.
      • Increase the size of this Note


    2. DebateGraph
      • Review the markup support for HTML capabilities since the GUI is a bit limited.


      1. DebateGraph Ideas seem easily accessible via Hypothesis.
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      • recursive reference test
      • proof of Edit capability
    1. ‘A code red for humanity’

      a start at annotation the comprehensive report