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    1. அதிலிருக்கும் 18 அமினோ அமிலங்கள், முட்டை, பால், இறைச்சிக்கு இணையான புரத சத்துகளை நம் உடலுக்குக் கொடுக்கக்கூடிய திறன் கொண்டது என்பது உங்களுக்குத் தெரியுமா
      • drumstick contain 18 amino acids
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    1. 74 yaşında ki m.a eşi a.a vefat ettikten sonra oğlu k.a ile yaşamaya başlamıştı. k.a nında eşi ile sorunları olduğundan boşanma aşamasındaydı. uzun süren bir boşanma süreci vardı. bu olay karşısında psikolojik sorunlar yaşayan k.a son 7 aydır babasına tecavüz ediyordu. bu durumu kimseye anlatamayan m.a 7 ay boyunca vicdanı ile yaşayan, hastalıklarına ve bu duruma katlanamayan m.a oğlunu şikayet edeceğini dile getirmiş. bu duruma karşı nasıl bir tepki vereceğini bilemeyen k.a babasını müstakil evinin bahçesine diri diri gömdü.


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    1. Thesefindings have important implications for prevention special-ists and treatment providers.

      This reminds me of analysis by Yang et al. They suggest that often social network that includes many other drinkers or even one drinker, an individual's risk of relapse increases. I wonder how this analysis may apply to egocentric network. They also mention how Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) help drinkers with their social networks, they help reshape their network with those who may be role models. They try to reduce pro-drinking ties and increase pro-abstinent social ties. I feel like applying SNA in such networks can really produce positive results on both individual and community level.

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    1. ithin the Little League team already described, sociodramatic play—within the ongoing play of the drama of the full season—allows the players to achieve mastery, to contrast, illustrate, and explore options. It as

      These figured worlds are certainly part of everyone's upbringing -- every soccer fan has performed this "play" of kicking the winning world cup goal, every golfer has sunk the last putt to win the Masters, and every football player that game-winning touchdown.

      But what I really like about the explanation here is that in the baseball it is easy to see how inhabiting these figured worlds essentially becomes a problem-solving strategy. Actually, it is kind hard to think how the coach would accomplish some of this training without it. Similar to the AA example, it is hard to see how it could, with the creation of the figured worlds through the stories of participants and the roles of each, how they'd go about accomplishing their goals.

    1. Their shared knowledge and experience allow their talk to move to deeper levels than is typically possible in a domain where the boy is a rela-tive novice.

      May be a stretch, but there are some parallels here to AA. The strong emphasis on sharing -- even by novices -- are used to teach the "beliefs, propositions, and interpretations" common to the group, which then allows them to dive into a deeper discussion about alcoholism

    1. Alonzo,the Youth Rising coordinator, told me that he wanted organizing to be an attitudethat youth brought to their peer interactions outside of the program and not justsomething they did when they were at Youth Rising.

      Another clear example of the importance of identity formation. This is not an exercise in getting the students to come together for a time to work around organizing, but rather, to see themselves as community organizers in their daily life. Very similar to the discussion around the importance of personal stories to get A.A. members to identify themselves as alcoholics, not simply as people who attend A.A. meetings