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  1. Nov 2018
    1. Another approach, however, can dramatically impact the effectiveness of blended learning professional development.

      Although a relatively new concept in adult learning, blended learning in professional development can impact the effectiveness of PD and provide greater learning opportunities for students through well trained teachers.

  2. Mar 2018
    1. In any case, allowing students to express their opinions in the margins of the Web, and helping them become responsible and thoughtful in those expressions, is a huge part of what it means to be literate both on the Web and in democratic society more generally.

      This is exactly why I am such a HUGE advocate for annotating. So many of my students struggle to develop their own thoughts and opinions when reading digitally (even with PDFs). I am positive this tool will advance my personal objective of getting my students to interact with the texts we read digitally as the world of education exponentially blends.