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  1. May 2018
    1. E∘cell=RTnFlnK=(8.314JK⋅mol)(298.15K)n×96,485C/V⋅mollnK=0.0257Vnln

      I cannot follow how 0.0257/n turns into 0.0592/n i have tried several times but i don't understand the relation.

  2. Apr 2018
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      I had an annotation here reminding to put the balanced equation and I even balanced the equation, but some how my annotation got deleted? The balanced equation I believe is: 6H2O+5H++Cr2O7-2+HSO3-<=>2Cr(H2O)5SO4++SO4-2

    2. Balance the following equation in acidic solution. Cr2O−27+HSO−3⇋Cr(H2O)5SO+4+SO−24Cr2O7−2+HSO3−⇋Cr(H2O)5SO4++SO4−2Cr_2O_7^{-2} + HSO_3^- \leftrightharpoons Cr(H_2O)_5SO_4^+ + SO_4^{-2} \nonumber Note: the above equation has a complex ion (Cr(H2O)5SO+4+SO−24Cr(H2O)5SO4++SO4−2Cr(H_2O)_5SO_4^+ + SO_4^{-2} that is involved with both half reactions, the chromium (which gets reduced) and the sulfur (which got oxidized). Answer

      What is the balanced equation??

    3. Cr2O−27+HSO−3⇋Cr(H2O)5SO+4+SO−24

      write in that everything is aqueous

    4. ++

      Remove one + sign.

    5. undergoins


    6. cancelling


    7. other atoms

      clarify-other species has atom

    1. Question 1 Determine the cell voltage E at 250C, when [Fe2+]=[I-]=0.01M, [Fe3+]=0.02M.

      When [Fe2+] = what?? dont we need this concentration to solve Q??

    1. Question 1 Determine the standard potential (V) for the cell reaction.

      do we not need to multiply the Fe+3 resction by 2 - since it happens 2 times?? i get 2(.77)-.54 = 1

    1. Question 5 5.

      This problem need more info. to solve. the hint leads to a previous problem not included in this set.. it says k previous solved in #7...this is # 5...

    1. Question 3 Balancing the reactions in the acidic solution:

      Do we need to balance this equation first? have equal # of Cr & Oxygen on each side?? why would split this first?

    1. Electrons flow towards a positive object and negative charge to it

      This sentence doesn't make sense. Revise.

    2. a an

      Remove "a"

    3. direction, in which case the electrochemical cell

      Period after direction "." In this case the electrochemical cell.....

    4. voltaic cell, which can be used to provide energy to do work

      period after voltaic cell"."These two cells can be used to provide energy to do work.....

    5. reactions


    6. modereleases

      *model releases

    7. into


    8. can be split

      delete be - can split