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  1. Apr 2018
  2. Mar 2018
    1. acid HF,

      I remember discussing during lecture, but why is HF considered a weak acid? Despite the fact, that it has very high electronegative difference. Shouldn't the big electronegative difference cause it to be a stronger acid?

  3. Feb 2018
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    1. 18.015푔/푚표푙

      I think they may have used the molar mass for H2O

  5. files.mtstatic.com files.mtstatic.com
    1. 189.390푔푍푛(푁푂3)2

      There are 2 different molar masses for Zn(NO3)2 in this problem

    2. .00500푀)(20.00푚퐿)(100.00푚퐿)=.0010푀

      When I calculated this, I got 0.001 M instead of .0010 M

  6. Jan 2018
    1. ⃗ =q′d⃗ 

      Can the part that defines a dipole moment be before the equation that is for the ion-dipole potential.. and what is exactly a dipole moment and the partial charge diagram that was drawn on the board in lecture would help explain where the d comes in for that equation would provide a deeper understanding