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  1. May 2019
    1. An instructor can draw a concept map for an entire topic, and use that to decide where to introduce a formative assessment to avoid overloading short-term memory.

      Great tip for desining a lesson

    2. A concept map is a picture of someone’s mental model of a domain

      Steps of drawing concept maps:

      1. List all concepts
      2. Put most abstract concepts on top
      3. Place all specific concepts at bottom
      4. Link them using verbs
      5. The more links the better
    1. oncept map. A concept map is a picture of someone’s mental model of a domain:

      Some more notes about concept maps:

      • Each concept is a noun or adjective
      • Each connector is a verb
      • More general concepts are arranged on the top of the page (so we have a top down or TD arrangement for graphing)
      • Highly specific terms are placed in the bottom ## Software for concept mapping:
      • Paper pencil (most convenient)
      • cmaptools, free and excellent tools
      • freemind (mind mapping as well but you can use for concept mapping) See a large list here

      Here is a 'coggle' that shows how concept maps work (a very simple concept map just two nodes and one edge)

    2. graph model of knowledge

      where you create mental models by linking various pieces of information together. A concept map or a mind map is useful. See also this annotation

      check also this hacker noon article