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  1. Sep 2023
    1. the use of a choir of instruments, in this case two saxophones, as the main means of exposing the melody, and the playing off of different instruments against one another in a rudimentary contrapuntal manner

      rudimentary counterpoint

  2. Jul 2023
  3. Jun 2023
    1. These seven models of harmonic realization get progressively more advanced, but eventhe initial ones—provided that they are performed in time and with a good rhythmicfeel—can convincingly express the majority of jazz progressions. As you get morecomfortable at realizing harmonic progressions using these models, experiment withdifferent metric placements and variations of the Charleston rhythm
    2. The ability to realize harmonic progressions on the keyboard is an essential skill for thecontemporary jazz musician, regardless of her/his primary instrument. The forthcomingmodels of keyboard playing will help to accomplish this objective
    3. invertible potential of the guide tones.
  4. Sep 2018
    1. The maximum possible effectiveness of a software system increases in direct proportion to the log of the effectiveness (i.e., speed, bandwidth, memory capacity) of the underlying hardware.

      Simply stating that there will always be something restrictive about what technologies can do. Thus far in human technological advances there have not been a single database that can support a beyond human software. As stated in the quotes, the 'mind' of the piece of software is limited to all the effectiveness of the hardware, and by the time that humans are able to invent something that could effectively contain this non-human beyond human brain there would be some counter measures in placed to reduce the risk of an AI taking over the human race. The resource cost would also discourage for such experiment to be funded as it would be expensive to fund the researcher on creating compatible parts and programmers to develop something that would resemble that of a human mind but something more advance. Programming is also another problem, humans do not fully understand the human mind so there is a very unlikely chance that some programmer is able to accidentally write a line of code that make an AI be able to extend further than what a human can comprehend. The idea of a technology singularity stays a theory but this one single quote assures that the technology singularity is far from what is achievable.

  5. Oct 2016
    1. They also found that scientists were more likely to be “good”

      What is the authors definition of "good"? For example, a person might not do no harm but constantly fantasizes about it, is that person still good? Also do they know the scientist well enough to call them "good"?

    2. exhibited features of intelligence but overall re-mained less attractive, sociable, or warm when compared to other television char-acters (Gerbner 41–44)

      What does the author mean by less attractive? People have different views on whats attractive and what is not.