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  1. Sep 2020
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  3. Sep 2015
    1. So to sum up: It should be an active design choice whether you want to enable users to change the font size independently to parts of or all layout and graphics. If so, pixels will probably not be your friend. If not, I’d say it’s mainly a matter of personal taste and/or project.

      This is good guidance on when/whether to use em vs. px sizing

    2. Useful article giving an overview of the history of how browser zooming affected CSS units.

      Makes a strong overall recommendation to use px almost everywhere, except where component size elements should specifically relate to their font.

    3. In version 7 of internet explorer that was released in October 2006 there was a very prominent zoom icon on the bottom right of the browser window. And guess what… The zoom function was just modifying the CSS reference pixel in the browsers CSS rendering engine!

      This is a useful resource on the history of zooming and accessibility in browsers.

      See also this argument

    1. This is not true nowadays. Pressing Ctrl+ and Ctrl- in any modern browser will scale the pixel values as well. It has been like this for a while now.