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  1. May 2019
    1. Chime Edwards or Patrica Bright.

      Yes! Another one I'm thinking of is Marsai Martin (she's an actress but still a great black influencer!)

    2. The online culture and influencer had not yet come to the surface.

      Yes, we had to deal with other issues like lack of representation or seeing "the token black" or "token dark-skinned". (Which is still a problem but is better now.)

    3. Gabrielle Union, Kyla Pratt, Rihanna, Monique Coleman, Brandy

      Wow! I feel the same way.

    4. phy: The Office (U.S.)

      These GIFS are hilarious. Good job on adding comic relief in this article since it's such a heavy topic.

    5. Who am I hurting?:
    6. Stop and think:
    7. Research

      Wow, I never thought about that.

    8. Becoming aware:

      Right. How could we even start to fix something if people don't know what's happening? Good!

    9. Letting people know this is a thing:

      I agree.

    10. We haven’t even fixed racism yet, how could even tackle as something “smaller” as blackfishing.

      Ha! That's true.

    11. “where do we go from here?”

      That's what I was thinking too...

    12. Many young black women and men who followed the blackfishing influencers believed that they were black and now feel deceived (and rightfully so) because they innocently supported a caricature of themselves

      Hmmm. Maybe but I think you're getting into a different topic here.

    13. this image

      This is certainly a heartbreaking image. :(

    14. For the people defending it saying, “it’s just makeup and beauty” or “these women are not harming anyone,” then they do not understand the full idea of what they (blackfishers) are doing.

      Well, my thing is, what if this was being done to you? Would you still be okay with it?

    15. Blackfishing on social media is humanizing the blackface our ancestors had to deal with, and that is a difficult concept to grasp and accept.
    16. Safe Online Spaces Become Unsafe

      Oh good! I'm so glad there is a section on this!

    17. Instagram is like a breeding ground for white women who can cosplay blackness while receiving attention from the very people who kind of hate black women.

      Well, would you look at that.

    18. racial ambiguity
    19. Cultural appropriation is at the heart of this because it isn’t solely about culture; it’s about power
    20. “Appropriation happens when you have a position of power…to take the parts of a culture that you enjoy, divorce them from their original meaning, and use them for entertainment value without considering their original context or having to deal with the negative ramifications that someone from that culture would have to deal with if they were to do the same thing.”

      WOW! That is a very powerful statement.

    21. Having that safe online space is how black women have been able to even come this far by letting the internet know that black is beautiful.

      This is good to talk about also. Having a safe online space is like having an online support group. I know when I look at Natural Hair Tutorials on YouTube, I feel safe posting my questions and comments on the video because I know there is a large group of black women who come here and can be themselves. When that safe space becomes invaded, where are we supposed to go? (Online spaces that is.)

    22. “Even now in certain workspaces, black women can’t wear their natural hair out
    23. then it becomes a trend or “cool.”

      This is where the frustration comes into play. Image doing something so natural to you and having something you are born with that you have to fight society on all your life. Then one day, a person who can't relate with you does something you have been fighting and they are accepted immediately.

    24. they not only understand, but they are aware of the importance of culture or religion. They know that there are traditions and meanings behind what they are doing or what they like. Not only that, that person is aware that the marginalized group has a history of oppression and by no means does this act reflect that.
    25. culture appreciation.
    26. “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture.”
    27. Culture appropriation
    28. These women need to be careful about how they are deceiving people.

      Now I can see why.

    29. eople were telling Alicja to kill herself after posting those pictures online.

      Woah, woah, woah. Now that is not okay!!! That's horrible.

    30. I am so sorry to those who may have been offended, and for perpetuating a culture of appropriate. I recognize that I have a responsibility to understand the intentional and unintentional impacts of my actions and platform.”

      Alright, at least she is learning from it.

    31. “We’re coming into a time where you see a lot of black women really expressing themselves and stepping into their blackness, and owning it, and not being ashamed of it anymore. So it makes sense why it’s happening. Because I guess some people, who are white-presenting feel like they’re not the standard anymore. So now they’re trying to do things to stay relevant and keep their popularity.” (Thompson)
    32. tread on Twitter,

      Okay, I took a look at this Twitter thread and...first of all, it's savage. So be aware before you look at it. Second, it's appalling.

    33. I think they are liars, but not racists.

      This is when the thin line of definitions come into play.

    34. Deception
    35. he Office (U.S.)

      I'm with you Jim Halpert!

    36. “Kardashian Effect”

      Now this, I have heard about a lot for the past couple of years.

    37. : A Different World 

      Haha! A classic.

    38. There is even a video of her applying brown makeup to her skin.


    39. I wish they could see that.

      I'm wondering...do you think these women already know they're beautiful but are aware that if they change their skin tone and hair then they'll get more followers and social media fame? Just something to think about.

    40. But there is a price to being a person of color.

      Key point here

    41. All of these innocents happened to me because I AM black.


    42. Everyone wants to be black until it is time to be black.”

      Being black is all cool and fun until you get stopped by the police or called the N-word. So yeah, I would have to agree with this classic phrase.

    43. She said, “Everybody wants our rhythm, but nobody wants our blues.”
    44. Jeanie seemed as if she didn’t see a real issue with this like it was just beauty and makeup.

      insert confused face emoji I don't agree with Jeanie here.

    45. Basically, I caught her in a lie.


    46. Loni made a lot of great points, but something she said that stood out to me was, “She’s not making money off her white skin. She’s making money and gaining followers by her tan skin. There are no pictures of her on Instagram in her white skin during any time of the year. Each picture is in tan skin.”

      WOW! THAT'S SO TRUE! Caught in a lie. Just admit that you're doing this instead of consistently denying it.

    47. The first one was taken on August 21, 2016, and the second one was taken on January 1, 2016. Although her skin appears lighter in January, she still looks like she is mixed or a person of color. Hallberg has also denied tanning her skin. However, she posted this picture

      Oh snap! She got caught. There's no way she can deny this.

    48. The angry and hurt tone of voice seen in these tweets are just a few examples from every day black men and women who are fully aware of the history behind one changing their skin tone to appear black.

      Yeah, no kidding. Yikes.

    49. It seems as if there’s pressure to compete with women of color.

      This is true for sure! You're starting to see things like Black Girl Magic, the word melanin is very popular as far as positive black image, girls wearing their natural hair state.

    50. Scrolling through a feed has caused so much low self-esteem, lack of self-care, lack of motivation, and identity confusion.

      I do like this point. I'm not justifying blackfishing either but I'm also not on the other side of the spectrum. Not many people would probably agree with me but I actually sympathize (like one percent) with these women who are blackfishing. Not having the capacity to love your skin tone and features enough to keep them. Everyone has something of themselves that they don't like.

    51. blackness is viewed as a commodity.”
    52. There is a black aesthetic

      Wow, I like that. I've never heard of "black aesthetic" but I would have to agree. The fascination of black hair for example. When an African American has really long hair, the assumption of whether or not its their real hair comes into play. The coils in the hair, braids, etc. It's not normalized, therefore its exotic, interesting and also aesthetic.

    53. it will also hurt the person who is deceiving people.

      How and in what ways? Interesting point though! I just want to expand that a little more.

    54. something that has a racist history behind it

      Has that really stopped anyone in the past though?

    55. When a young girl scrolls through their Instagram feed, what would they think or how would they feel when they discover that who they saw on Instagram is fake?

      Or even an adult.

    56. An African American, such as myself, can’t switch off and on skin color or facial features.

      Wow, that's a good point.

    57. If Hough simply put her hair in the same style as Susanne, who is the only one in the show with Bantu Knots, people would have known she was that character.

      THANK YOU!

    58. There are many ways a person can appreciate a character or person without pointing out their skin color.

      This is so true! Hopefully, this article talks about this more. Instead of trying to be that celebrity or culture, use a picture of them, don't change your skin tone. Honestly, I'm not sure why people can't really understand that.

    59. ill Smith


    60. performances

      Keyword: Performances. But then again, deceiving anyone is a performance, right?

    61. new ‘blackface.’

      That's something interesting to think about. What exactly would the "New 'Blackface'" consist of? Blackface seemed to be for profit from those actors. Would this be the same thing?

    62. disturbing.)

      I still look at these images and are disgusted.

    63. Blackfishing.’

      It's crazy because when I first learned that there were girls posing as black girls on the internet, my first reaction was WHAT?! But then my next reaction was, yeah. That sounds about right.

    64. ‘Blackfishing’,

      I am excited to discuss this today and look at this article!

    65. Research and be who you are. 

      Wow, I not only learned but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and having a discussion! :)

    66. iphy: The Office (U.S.)


    67. We may think we’re just trying to adopt a culture because we fell in love with it

      Interesting! "Fell in love" is a new way of saying "appreciating".

    68. How do they feel?

      Be careful not to ask one person of that group and think they can speak for EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that marginalized group. Do ACTUAL research. Don't just ask your own black co-worker.

    69. Now, with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, marginalized groups finally found a place where they can educate, explain, and voice their concerns.

      Great point!

    70. Stop and think:

      This is something we don't do and we should start! Let's start thinking of others!

    71. Drake Clapping 

      I'm clapping with you Drake!

    72. I’m sure not many people know that this is even happening.

      Not many at all! It's still very fresh.

    73. top-selling.

      I think this is a very important word. "Top-selling". It's not only selling but it's TOP-SELLING!

    74. misrepresent,
    75. the financial well-being of black women:

      Our society DOES NOT want black people to be financially stable! It's incredible.

    76. White actors in Hollywood would wear brown and black makeup and exaggerated the expressions and behavior of black people, which we described earlier.

      The first thing that came to my head reading this line was Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra.

    77. There’s a saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” But what happens when imitation appears to cross over into cultural appropriation and exploitation?”.

      I actually don't think imitation and flattery are the same.

    78. “It matters because it makes people in our community feel as though we’re not the best representation of our normal selves.

      This a clear way of stating why something like blackfishing is wrong and unfair.

    79. Zuhaa Isaacs

      This is like what you said @Kaveena22!

    80. culture appreciation. When someone appreciates the culture, they not only understand, but they are aware of the importance of culture or religion

      I like this. Awareness and understanding can go a long way.

    81. does not give credit to that culture, religion, ethnicity, or race.

      Also, VERY important.

    82. Culture appropriation according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture.”

      Key words I see that makes appropriating and appreciating different: taking, not your own, without showing, respect.

    83. Culture Appropriation vs. Culture Appreciation

      Oooooo getting to the good stuff!

    84. wearing cornrows or braids and giving credit to someone else instead of the culture it came from.

      Didn't see give credit to some guy? Or something like that?

    85. lip injections to make their lips bigger

      Butt and breast injections as well! Ouch :(

    86. Was she ever called the N-word to her face in fear while driving through her parents’ neighborhood?

      Right :(

    87. “at body_blendz keeps my TAN fresh and even.

      Look! She said tan! So what are we supposed to be believe?

    88. Clearly, that is not true because there’s no way that one can become that dark in the summer and their skin turns white in the winter.

      Right. If anything. her skin would be still tan but not completely white. At least I don't think so. Logically, it doesn't really make that much sense. If you're skin gets that dark over the summer, every single summer, then eventually, your skin will start to become that skin color. Not just switch back to white skin in the winter. Hmm, just my thoughts on it.

    89. article, “White Influencer Denies She Pretended to Be Black to Get Followers: Let Me Explain” written by Robyn Merret from People,

      This is an interesting article!

    90. “There is a black aesthetic that many are attempting to capitalize. An aesthetic which many dark-skinned people are still shunned for having all on their own.”

      Awesome point!

    91. by YouTuber Annie Nova, and she

      Oh I love her YouTube videos! She talks about a lot of heavy topics.

    92. Julianne Hough, a professional dancer, and actress was in deep trouble in 2013 fo

      I actually did not hear about this! I guess because it happens so much that this got lost in it. After looking it up from clicking the link, its crazy! She did apologize though.

    93. Wow GIF

      My face exactly!