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  1. May 2019
    1. "We can appreciate their culture without having to do or wear their hairstyles, or trying to act or be a certain way that we're not."


    2. "So it makes sense why it's happening - because I guess some people who are white-presenting feel like they're not the standard anymore. So now they're trying to do things to stay relevant and keep their popularity."

      Woooow!! Yes!!

    3. "We're coming into a time where you see a lot of black women really expressing themselves and stepping into their blackness, and owning it, and not being ashamed of it anymore.
    4. The "Kardashian effect" has also been blamed for an apparent rise in young people seeking cosmetic surgeries.

      This would be something interesting to follow up on. "Cosmetic surgeries".

    5. accused of appropriating black culture

      Definitely did.

    6. "fine line between appreciation and appropriation".

      Very true.

    7. Like Alicja, she says she understands some of the backlash against her, but denies pretending to be a different race to her own.

      Yeah but...the way she looks.

    8. She says she's not suggesting "white privilege is not a thing" - but wants to tell her critics "the assumptions you're making are wrong".

      Contradicting??? Maybe a little bit.

    1. etishistic in that they want to achieve this ‘exotic’ look in order to attract black men. It seems like it’s all it is".

      Wow! That's a whole other thing to discuss that I wish this article talked about more!

    2. Emma was white, revealing she believes the model "fooled everyone".

      I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt a few times, but I'm sorry. I just can't.

    3. "It matters because it makes people in our community feel as though we’re not the best representation of our everyday selves. "They’re gaining success by appearing to look like me while I work 10 times as hard to get where I really want to be. It’s unfair."


    1. because people love black culture but not black ppl."


    2. Emma claimed that she does not understand why black women are upset with her appearance.

      Really though?

    3. My intentions have never been to look like a black woman."

      Whether it was intentionally or not, can you admit that you do look like one? Or mixed at least?

    4. "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

      That's an interesting idea!

    1. se I have some acne and scar issues so I use a lot of face scrubs, toners and peeling products.”

      Well, that's confusing.

    2. To further back her claim, the influencer also shared a photo of her brother and father, which shows them with deep skin tones as well. “As you can see they also tan very easily,” Hallberg wrote. As for her hair texture, Hallberg says that also runs in her family.

      Hmmm maybe she is telling the truth!

    3. “This Swedish White girl is guilty of ‘blackfishing,’ a term used to describe someone who masquerades as a Blk person to deceive others. By extreme tanning, dark makeup & braids, this fraud is exposed!”

      I can understand the frustration!

    1. Brushing off blackfishing as “not that deep” is a fallacy because blackfishing really is that (skin) deep.
    2. “bigger fish to fry” are wrong.

      I agree. This issue is just as important!

    3. Rachel Doleza

      Yes! Oh yes! I remember her.

    4. N—–fishing,”

      Woah, that's a bit extreme. I'll just stick to "blackfishing".

    5. Everyone wants to be black, until it is time to be black.”

      That is very true. It's not just about how you look but who you really are.

    1. Research and be who you are. 

      Wow, I not only learned but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and having a discussion! :)

    2. iphy: The Office (U.S.)


    3. We may think we’re just trying to adopt a culture because we fell in love with it

      Interesting! "Fell in love" is a new way of saying "appreciating".

    4. How do they feel?

      Be careful not to ask one person of that group and think they can speak for EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that marginalized group. Do ACTUAL research. Don't just ask your own black co-worker.

    5. Now, with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, marginalized groups finally found a place where they can educate, explain, and voice their concerns.

      Great point!

    6. Stop and think:

      This is something we don't do and we should start! Let's start thinking of others!

    7. Drake Clapping 

      I'm clapping with you Drake!

    8. I’m sure not many people know that this is even happening.

      Not many at all! It's still very fresh.

    9. top-selling.

      I think this is a very important word. "Top-selling". It's not only selling but it's TOP-SELLING!

    10. misrepresent,
    11. the financial well-being of black women:

      Our society DOES NOT want black people to be financially stable! It's incredible.

    12. White actors in Hollywood would wear brown and black makeup and exaggerated the expressions and behavior of black people, which we described earlier.

      The first thing that came to my head reading this line was Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra.

    13. There’s a saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” But what happens when imitation appears to cross over into cultural appropriation and exploitation?”.

      I actually don't think imitation and flattery are the same.

    14. “It matters because it makes people in our community feel as though we’re not the best representation of our normal selves.

      This a clear way of stating why something like blackfishing is wrong and unfair.

    15. Zuhaa Isaacs

      This is like what you said @Kaveena22!

    16. culture appreciation. When someone appreciates the culture, they not only understand, but they are aware of the importance of culture or religion

      I like this. Awareness and understanding can go a long way.

    17. does not give credit to that culture, religion, ethnicity, or race.

      Also, VERY important.

    18. Culture appropriation according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture.”

      Key words I see that makes appropriating and appreciating different: taking, not your own, without showing, respect.

    19. Culture Appropriation vs. Culture Appreciation

      Oooooo getting to the good stuff!

    20. wearing cornrows or braids and giving credit to someone else instead of the culture it came from.

      Didn't see give credit to some guy? Or something like that?

    21. lip injections to make their lips bigger

      Butt and breast injections as well! Ouch :(

    22. Was she ever called the N-word to her face in fear while driving through her parents’ neighborhood?

      Right :(

    23. “at body_blendz keeps my TAN fresh and even.

      Look! She said tan! So what are we supposed to be believe?

    24. Clearly, that is not true because there’s no way that one can become that dark in the summer and their skin turns white in the winter.

      Right. If anything. her skin would be still tan but not completely white. At least I don't think so. Logically, it doesn't really make that much sense. If you're skin gets that dark over the summer, every single summer, then eventually, your skin will start to become that skin color. Not just switch back to white skin in the winter. Hmm, just my thoughts on it.

    25. article, “White Influencer Denies She Pretended to Be Black to Get Followers: Let Me Explain” written by Robyn Merret from People,

      This is an interesting article!

    26. “There is a black aesthetic that many are attempting to capitalize. An aesthetic which many dark-skinned people are still shunned for having all on their own.”

      Awesome point!

    27. by YouTuber Annie Nova, and she

      Oh I love her YouTube videos! She talks about a lot of heavy topics.

    28. Julianne Hough, a professional dancer, and actress was in deep trouble in 2013 fo

      I actually did not hear about this! I guess because it happens so much that this got lost in it. After looking it up from clicking the link, its crazy! She did apologize though.

    29. Wow GIF

      My face exactly!

    1. One tweeter summed up this view with a post that said: “These blackfishing threads just remind me how blackness is viewed as a commodity.”

      The thread is...SHOCKING! To say the least...

  2. Apr 2019
    1. aiden Gumbayan
    2. “Most of the people who are accused of ‘blackfishing’ don’t directly state on their profiles that they are black, but rather insinuate it through their new appearances, the way they dress, and the products they’re selling or endorsing,” Danielle Bainbridge, a postdoctoral fellow in African-American Studies at Northwestern University, told InsideEdition.com.
    3. “Blackfishing” is defined as when a person, usually social media influencers or personalities, passes as black by altering their appearance – often their hair and skin tone. The practice is problematic, experts say, because it’s a deception by omission.

      The definition and the problem.

    4. “blackfishing”
    1. “other ways of showing appreciation”.
    2. “We can appreciate their culture without having to do or wear their hairstyles, or trying to act or be a certain way that we’re not,” Gumbayan said.

      Love that point!

    3. Parallels have also been drawn to the Kardashians because “Kim, in particular, has been accused of appropriating black culture on several occasions down the years”, the BBC notes.

      Adding in the Kardashian effect, is this appropriating or appreciating?

    4. “With things like tanning, I don’t think I’ve done anything in a malicious way. So I don’t feel like I need to stop doing something because... why would I stop doing something that’s benefitting me or that I enjoy doing?” she said.

      So here's the other side of the spectrum where she actually believes that she is not doing anything wrong.

    5. “It takes away from actual black creators on Instagram and YouTube whose job it is to promote things,” says Nova, using the example of brands who send natural curly hair products to white influencers.

      Wow, that's an excellent point.

    6. One tweeter summed up this view with a post that said: “These blackfishing threads just remind me how blackness is viewed as a commodity.”
    1. “Too much of anything, however sweet, will bring the opposite of whatever you thought you were getting. One becomes many, many become one. You start out a consumer and you end up consumed. The trick is to recognise the pattern before it is complete.”

      Yes! Another wonderful passage and an enlightening article to read!

    2. Maybe intentional friction will lead us to ‘the pot of gold’ of equanimity as we face our modern busy lives.

      I do like that there's a positive side to this! I'm all about the positive. There's always a silver lining to everything and I think it's a good thing that we know about both ends of the spectrum (light and dark) and not just one.

    3. Creating friction intentionally maybe something we can sign up to more easily than relinquishing comfort and ease; and maybe becoming a consideration in software design going forward, as shown by our Space App example above.

      That's an interesting idea.

    4. Of course, the flip side of the lack of friction is that we build unconscious habit and let our fingers do the walking, as we open Twitter for the Nth time in an hour without ever intending to…and stay there catching up with nothing.

      This is very true. How can we get into the practice of Zen and Mindfulness? How can reverse a habit we've been doing for so long while everyone around us is still doing it? Such as picking up my phone and scrolling through social media like a zombie.

    5. 3 year retreat,

      Wow! That's a long time

    6. “I’ve deleted the Twitter apps from my devices, and now if I want to check in I have to use the browser. Not having notifications or easy launching of a stream adds a bit of friction. I also have 2-factor authentication enabled, and logout after checking in, so dropping into twitter is deliberately kind of a pain in the ass.”

      I've had the same issue! Where I delete the app but then I go right to the browser to scroll just to check those darn notifications.

    7. ‘clunky-ness’ in technology

      That is a perfect word to describe today's technology! Phones may be smaller but there is so much going on!

    8. The sweetness and delights of the resting-place are in proportion to the pain endured on the Journey. Only when you suffer the pangs and tribulations of exile will you truly enjoy your homecoming. (The Mathnawi of Jalaluddin Rumi – Book 3)

      That is a beautiful passage.