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  1. Dec 2022
    1. The cypherpunks Who Um was this move-in from the 1990s these sort of 00:05:33 radical crypto little Libertarians who and that they call themselves crypto anarchists even who believe that they could use encryption tools and anonymity tools enabled by encryption to take power away from governments and 00:05:46 corporations and give it to individuals and they dreamed up you know things that would become vpns and tour and the dark web essentially and that's where Wikileaks came from for instance 00:05:58 Julian Assange was a Cypher Punk too who dreamed of using these tools to give anonymity to journalistic sources um but then in 2011 just as I was like uh writing a book that was kind of in 00:06:10 some ways a history of the cyberpunks um I Came Upon what seemed to be this new Cypher Punk invention which was Bitcoin you know

      !- In other words : crypto emerged from the cyberpunk movement - another example of progress traps - as the cyberpunks could not imagine how it would be gamed for criminality

  2. Nov 2020
    1. While the consumption ethos of “cocooning” is trending across most of the Western world, young Chinese are choosing to fill their wardrobes with shiny, techy clothes. If fashion is effective in displaying different social dynamics as a mirror of its time, it is now showing how divided the West and China have become in the post-COVID era
  3. Jul 2016
    1. The arrival of quantified self means that it's no longer just what you type that is being weighed and measured, but how you slept last night, and with whom.