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  1. Sep 2018
    1. And its very likely that IA is a much easier road to the achievement of superhumanity than pure AI. In humans, the hardest development problems have already been solved. Building up from within ourselves ought to be easier than figuring out what we really are and then building machines that are all of that.

      The authors of the text are proposing a radically different approach to the inevitable "singularity" event. They propose the research and development IA, or Intelligence Amplification, is developing computers with a symbiosis with humans. Noting that IA could be easier to develop than AI algorithms, since humanity had to probe what their true weaknesses and strengths are. In turn, developing an IA system that could cover humanities' weaknesses. This would summarily prevent an IA algorithm from getting over itself, which could potentially slow a point when we reach singularity.

  2. Apr 2016
    1. Bina48 Googles definitions like a hopeless best man writing a wedding toast. Webster’s Dictionary defines love; Google defines consciousness.

      More like a bad high school writer composing a last minute introduction to an English paper:

      Since the beginning of human history, people have have fallen in and out of love.