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  1. Aug 2020
    1. Lonely men smear lonely male artists together with trolls. Lonely men are miserable by choice it seems.

    2. We’re shaming people for owning a body pillow. We’re saying that they’re sexually aggressive, that they’re mentally retarded, that they’re one dark alleyway away from becoming that evil rapist that news media like to scare women with.

      Retard, you've shown no evidence for your claims, I say you're pulling shit out of your ass. When you say that artists are shaming you for wanting a hug, you're shitting on the very people who acknowledge your desires.

    3. eager to push another perverted dakimura image on us, all covered in bodily fluids with no explanation

      Isn't it obvious? Men are desperate to entertain a fantasy that there's a girl out there who's

      1. lonely so she has to own a dakimura in the first place
      2. horny with no outlet to share her passion with anyone but a body pillow

      Seriously, how big of a brain you need to come to that naturally?