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  1. Sep 2020
    1. All that inflated self importance trying to coddle the bride into a false sense of security, giving her an illusion of power so she’ll willingly undertake a ritual to strip her of power and individuality.

      That sense is accurate, not inflated. Having a white knight defending your right to social dominance within a relationship is female privilege. Her husband will be duly, bitterly, reminded of his subhuman status till the end of his days.

    2. of course there’s 7 guys per girl, but it’s not like I wanted any friends who weren’t guys, right?

      Dude, you've got no friends at all, it's not right for you to be so picky.

      Update: it gets worse:

      I bail on Toastmasters because they charge dues and I don’t need to pay for training in public speaking.

      cy1 admits he was a user to that group from the get go. He stopped by just to see if he could get laid. It turns out I gave him too much benefit of the doubt. The men there were just an obstacle to him all along!

  2. Aug 2020
    1. That’s what a 40 year old virgin means. Please show some compassion before you go ridiculing them as deserving this.

      I don't ridicule you for being a male virgin. I show disgust at men willing to betray their own sex to meet female demands. There's no reason for me to show compassion, when I know as much the next thing you're going to do is cry "misogyny" at my setting completely reasonable political goals that might make women distance themselves even more. Men and women are falling apart and there is no political solution to this. If you want me to trust you enough to provide you a shoulder to cry on and shield you from the aggressive rhetoric aimed at your type for a while, you have to proactively show some aspiration to becoming pro-male and you need to demonstrate your loyalty to men who may be sympathetic to the struggles you face, so we have at least some degree of assurance that you won't bite the hand that feeds you.

    2. If you don’t have sex in college, in high school even, you’ve lost those years forever. A 40 year old virgin can never be saved, and can never be healed, because it’s already too late.

      Who knows, maybe you actually dodged the bullet. After all, those men who manage to have some sex, are they measurably better off overall than those who don't, solely because one group does have sex, and the other doesn't?

    3. They have nothing left to look forward to besides aging, suffering and death.

      You have something to do. Quit with your sex obsession now, once and for all. Then you can have a life of political pro-male advocacy. The most effective MRA on the planet, Marc Angelucci (RIP), managed to convince the judge to declare the male-only draft unconstitutional, despite being way past his forties. You won't match his achievements even by starting right now, but the point is to channel your energy to do the right thing, and not wallow in self-pity on some obscure web page.

    4. You know what happens to women around age 40? It’s called menopause. You know what it does? Kills their sex drive, forever!

      Just the other day you were set on proving to me that women have equal sex drives. Imagine the hypocrisy! Here, you basically come to the exact opposite conclusion.

    5. making rich men very rich

      Rich men have rich wives, who are entitled to half their assets. Just to put things into perspective here.

    6. Imagine a society so fucked up that this couple is kept from ever knowing about each other through systematic campaigns of fear and hatred

      Your assumption falls on its face when you consider that any given society consists of individual drives. When most people agree that men are filthy undesirables unless they redeem themselves in some way, so that opinion becomes sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, you get a society that systematically denies not only their dating struggles, but the most basic human rights concerns, like the right to equal protection under the law, which is crucial to address the female perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence.

    7. Saying a 40 year old caused themselves to be a virgin because of their depression, anxiety, or autismal personality belies the fact that almost everyone with depression, anxiety, and autism will have had sex at least once before turning 40 years of age.

      Or a more plausible explanation. Women don't care about the struggles those groups face in a dating market. They are like ugly relatives, an embarrassment that no one wants to talk about.

    8. Maybe you can point to a mental illness they have

      I'm pretty sure your typical reader considers that an aggravating circumstance.

    9. Now, I know this is a stretch, but imagine for a second

      And the reason you expect your average, feminist brainwashed, reader, to do that?

    10. They want women to deserve to be barred from higher education.

      Wrong. Desperate horny men like you want women at all costs. You pretend not to realize that men opening up their spaces to the opposite sex is the default social dynamic, even though females never reciprocate in kind when it comes to sharing their spaces. Elite schools that only let males to attend is a fickle thing that only survives as long as wise men have enough of a political wherewithal to sustain the safe space. Yes, the conversation that you'll never bring up, is the fact that males need safe spaces to learn and develop too, even more than girls.

    11. They want black people to deserve to be slaves.

      This is pretty accurate.

    12. convince

      They are quite certain.

    13. I’ve seen whole comedies devoted to how hilarious this is, and it’s kind of like making fun of Holocaust victims for dying so easily.

      People laugh at the pain that victims of Male Genital Mutilation experience, and are a-ok torturing baby dicks with knives. You think they'll care about your attitude to the show?

    14. a 40 year old virgin

      You forgot to use the Male qualifier there.

    1. Lonely men smear lonely male artists together with trolls. Lonely men are miserable by choice it seems.

    2. We’re shaming people for owning a body pillow. We’re saying that they’re sexually aggressive, that they’re mentally retarded, that they’re one dark alleyway away from becoming that evil rapist that news media like to scare women with.

      Retard, you've shown no evidence for your claims, I say you're pulling shit out of your ass. When you say that artists are shaming you for wanting a hug, you're shitting on the very people who acknowledge your desires.

    3. eager to push another perverted dakimura image on us, all covered in bodily fluids with no explanation

      Isn't it obvious? Men are desperate to entertain a fantasy that there's a girl out there who's

      1. lonely so she has to own a dakimura in the first place
      2. horny with no outlet to share her passion with anyone but a body pillow

      Seriously, how big of a brain you need to come to that naturally?