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  1. Mar 2021
  2. Nov 2020
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    1. This act of proactive self-talk is the single-most crucial step for learners as bloggers to cross in order to change from extrinsically motivated bloggers to intrinsically motivated ones’ (Groulx, 2009).

      I am especially interested in revisiting this theme for cultivating autonomous learning skills and attitudes, and transforming students from getting a grade to taking ownership of their learning.

  4. Aug 2020
    1. They have nothing left to look forward to besides aging, suffering and death.

      You have something to do. Quit with your sex obsession now, once and for all. Then you can have a life of political pro-male advocacy. The most effective MRA on the planet, Marc Angelucci (RIP), managed to convince the judge to declare the male-only draft unconstitutional, despite being way past his forties. You won't match his achievements even by starting right now, but the point is to channel your energy to do the right thing, and not wallow in self-pity on some obscure web page.

  5. Apr 2020