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    1. performance

      Performing literature rather than reading it? Incorporating the performance of interacting with literature in a way that allows it to be more "seen", making the hidden mechanics observable?

    2. such works depend upon the reader to resolve when to finish reading the work. In other words, the navigational aspect of hypertext changes our interaction with both the story at hand and also with the concept of narrative itself

      Readers decide when to end a story rather than a story providing a definite ending--closure or making peace with a lack thereof of closer is determined by/resides in the reader. So, is a conclusion really a part of a literary work or not?

    3. allow[ing] you to make your own texts.

      Works like this really bring questions of authorship to the forefront--who is writing this work? Sure, you can design all of a work's possible permutations but if a reader does not engage with the work and generate these permutations, does the story exist?

    4. they do not do justice to the effect of interacting with the work

      Removing a work from its digital context removes its meaning or, at least, a large chunk of its meaning.

    5. “cut-up method”

      Dada photomontage?

      Hannah Hoch's "Cut with a Kitchen Knife"

    6. the structure and signification of literature itself.

      What decides meaning--the work or your experience of the work? Is there any meaning inherent in a work or is it all determined by the reader?

    7. the authors of hypertexts program all possible paths through which readers can navigate and thus invite only “trivial” rather than productive (or “ergodic”) action from the reader

      Or, do readers simply explore works, like detectives?

    8. to identify hypertext as offering readers more agency, and even partial authorship, over the text they read than print texts.

      Rather than being passive observes to a story as it unravels, readers of elit participate in the creation of the story.

    9. In other words, navigation enables the digital work’s performance and its signification

      Navigation rather than interpretation itself assists in guiding the discerning of meaning