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  1. Feb 2020
    1. Annual immunization against influenza (for children and young people with diabetes over the age of 6 months).Immunization against pneumococcal infection (for children and young people with diabetes who need insulin or oral hypoglycaemic drugs).

      T1DM children

      • annual flu vaccine
      • pneumoccocal vaccine
    2. Immediate (same-day) referral for all adults diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

      immediate (same-day) referral to a specialist for

      • adults diagnosed with T1DM
      • children and young people with suspected type 1 diabetes
    3. People with diabetes who have experienced hypoglycaemia requiring medical attention are referred to a specialist diabetes team.

      Serious hypoglycaemia = endocrinology referral

    4. People with diabetes with an active foot problem that is not limb-threatening or life-threatening are referred to the multidisciplinary foot care service within 1 working day and triaged within 1 further working day.
      • Active foot problem = podiatry ferral within 1 day