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  1. Oct 2015
    1. FORCE11 Member since June 17, 2015

      Uh oh. I think that the dates that everyone joined have reverted to when we were transferred over to the new website. Is there any way to fix this? If not, we should apologize to everyone and post an explanation.

    1. Data Citation Implementation Working Group – Publication

      This should be updated to the Peer Reviewed version: https://peerj.com/articles/cs-1/

      Also on the Groups Working page.

    1. Outcomes from the Community of FORCE11.

      Change to: This section features recommendations and products for improving scholarly communication produced by FORCE11 working groups.

    1. Target Areas

      The original board members: Cameron, Phil, Anita, Ivan, Ed should review these materials and see whether they are still relevant.

    1. FORCE11 Videos

      I'm wondering why we wouldn't just include these under the conference pages? Should it be it's own category?

    1. Community Publications

      Why is this blank? I know we discussed this before, but I can't remember whether this is meant to be articles about FORCE11. In which case, we have several of these around, including the latest editorial currently featured on the home page.


  2. Sep 2015
    1. Outcomes

      Need to post Tim's article on Implementing data citations and the RRID article when it is finally published (soon).

    1. This section has some of the same items as Featured. This is a list of community announcements the top 5 unless it is a sticky. What else could we put here?

    1. The results of this group should be on a group page so we can ost it to the outcomes page here https://www.force11.org/community/outcomes Group home pages should be consistently only for description of group, goals, deliverables. Group content type group pages should be for all other work.

    1. Community RSS Feeds

      Change to "Community RSS Blog Feeds"

    2. Comment

      When i click on comments, it takes me to the area describing HTML instead of to the area where I woudl comments. Is this because I am an admin?

    3. 1 Comment

      Shoudl be able to click on "1 comment" and be directed to the comment area of this blog

    4. Member Blog Posts

      I don't think that blogs belongs under news and events. Sometimes people use them to promote them, but primarily I think of them as outputs of the community or as publications.

  3. test-force-11.gotpantheon.com test-force-11.gotpantheon.com
    1. Maryann Martone

      I mostly create blogs by going to my membership page and clicking on the link that used to be there that something like "Write a blog post". I think it personalizes the experience. So I would vote for elevating blogs on the profile page and making it easy for people to add them and list the ones they've contributed.

    1. Support FORCE11

      I think this should be the heading and it should include both donations and sustaining memberships. Also, I'm hoping that when new members sign up they are encouraged to donate. Haven't checked that yet.

    1. FORCE11 Sustainability Committee

      I would prefer a single category called "Sustainability" where we should link to the report. There may be others.

    1. FORCE11 Videos

      I'm not sure that this was what I was expecting under "Media". I was thinking it was going to be a press kit, perhaps? I would put videos under publications. It isn't really different that presentations, I think. And each of our videos should probably have a DOI.

  4. test-force-11.gotpantheon.com test-force-11.gotpantheon.com
    1. Outcomes from the Community of FORCE11.
    2. Outcomes

      Still not happy with Outcomes here, because it doesn't really capture what is here. Perhaps "Materials", "Reports" , something that indicates there is something concrete here to use. We can look at some other websites, perhaps?

    1. FORCE11 Completed Groups Archive

      Each of the working group pages should indicate that the group has been completed. We shouldn't just have a listing of them on this page.

    1. Resources

      I was expecting there to be a place for FORCE11 products. This looks like the old menu.