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  1. Mar 2021
    1. If the only realistic consumer of a package is the monorepo, and you can’t realistically see normal users installing that 1 package out of 138 other packages in that repository, there’s probably no need to have it as a separate package. Ideally it would be better to let a user install 1 package that contains everything, and reduce the overhead.
  2. Sep 2018
    1. We want better children—but not by turning procreation into manufacture or by altering their brains to gain them an edge over their peers. We want to perform better in the activities of life—but not by becoming mere creatures of our chemists or by turning ourselves into tools designed to win or achieve in inhuman ways. We want longer lives—but not at the cost of living carelessly or shallowly with diminished aspiration for living well, and not by becoming people so obsessed with our own longevity that we care little about the next generations. We want to be happy—but not because of a drug that gives us happy feelings without the real loves, attachments, and achievements that are essential for true human flourishing.

      This paragraph draw my attention. It is a important notice for this and the future generation. There are so many things that we are wondering and fight for but there are some temptation and wrong expectation in our world. i think that people really need to think about what are they wondering, such as happiness, career, family. after we recognize what we want then we need to figure out the right way to achieve our goal.

  3. May 2017
    1.   FOOL KL I.iv.116  Mark it, nuncle: mark (v.) 1 note, pay attention [to], take notice [of] See Topics: Frequency count KL I.iv.117  Have more than thou showest, KL I.iv.118  Speak less than thou knowest, KL I.iv.119  Lend less than thou owest, KL I.iv.120  Ride more than thou goest, go (v.) 1 walk, travel on foot KL I.iv.121  Learn more than thou trowest, trow (v.) 3 believe, give credence to, accept as true KL I.iv.122  Set less than thou throwest; set (v.) 9 challenge, put down a stake against KL I.iv.123  Leave thy drink and thy whore KL I.iv.124  And keep in-a-door, in-a-door (adv.) indoors KL I.iv.125  And thou shalt have more KL I.iv.126  Than two tens to a score.  

      A word from the wise. A fool.

  4. Aug 2016
    1. Seizing the perimeter

      Perimeters. Landscape. Equilibrium. Look out. There be rocks, abstract noun kraken tearing apart the ship of feeling. What a gavotte, a fucking Morris dance that I can't dance.