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  1. Feb 2018
    1. . Wal-Mart, McDon- alds, Snickers, and Bubble Yum bubble gum were all words my stu- dents could see and recognize with excitement. What an important con- nection for the children to make be- tween the letters being learned in school and the way language looks in the world outside of school

      Using environmental print that is recognized by your students is useful because they already hsve made a literacy connection. They have made the connection because items like candy and gum are synonymous with childhood. An example of an activity that can exploit this connection would be to have the students cut out the letters from the old wrapper and boxes to create new names for the candy they created. They can then discuss with each other the whats and whys.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. We all believe it very important that mothers should know how to direct and govern their children

      This emphasizes the importance of traditional gender roles (mother as nurturer, mother in the private sphere) in relation to marriage.

    2. criminality, which may disgrace your home through the paternal inheritance that you chose for them.

      The belief that criminal behaviour was genetically passed down was a common eugenicist claim.

  3. Oct 2016
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    1. progressive criminalization of“quality of life issues” ’and an increasing tendency to censure legal behaviors (barbequingin public, fixing cars on the street, playing loud music in public)

      Why would these behaviors need to be censured? Perhaps because they are associated with the low-income neighborhoods and we automatically associate low-income with lower quality of life throughout.

    2. A major goal of these efforts is to integrate low-income and public housing residentsinto the fabric of the developments and the surrounding (regenerating) community,among higher-income residents, and in contexts of greater stability, safety, opportunityand order

      This is what Ryan Gravel had envisioned for his BeltLine project. Sadly, he felt as though his original vision isn't being met, which is why he and Nathaniel Smith have resigned from the board.